Medical Abortion Using Mifepristone Only

Medical Abortion Using Mifepristone Only Mifepristone is used along with Misoprostol for the termination of early pregnancy. Early pregnancy indicates that the doctor should be confirming the pregnancy by reliable and trustworthy tests. It is essential to ensure that the pregnancy is less than 90 days old. On the basis of different tests, the physician

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Buy MTP kit online with credit card via fast shipping in USA

MTP kit is referred to as the abortion pill kit. It is used for the termination of early pregnancy which is less than 9 weeks old. The abortion pill kit comprises 4 pills of misoprostol along with one tablet of mifepristone. Thus, a sum total of 5 tablets are present in the packet for the

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Buy MTP Kit – Common Confusions About Abortion Pills

Women may take the decision of undergoing abortion due to certain unavoidable situations. Medical abortion is considered to be the best option in this regard as it helps in the termination of earlier pregnancy in the most secured manner. At times, they face a lot of confusion in this regard. For ladies who do not

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